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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

We now present you with the first round of Interior’ E – Design. We pride ourselves on creating a space that our clients will thrive in, spaces that are completely custom and speak to their individual personalities. Understanding your budget and what you have to work with for the overall space is key to creating the space that you really want.

From here, we like to discuss the nitty gritty. After we have heard your thoughts, we adjust accordingly and prepare our Final E-Design Presentation, complete with:

  1. Design Boards (to help you visualize the project as a whole)

  2. Space Plan (to help you place items where we suggest they go)

  3. Linked Shopping List (so you can buy what you are seeing at your own personal pace).

Here’s how it works:

  1. STEP ONE: Fill out our questionnaire

  2. STEP TWO: We’ll send you a quote

  3. STEP THREE: You approve it!

  4. STEP FOUR: Send photos & measurements

  5. STEP FIVE: We start designing…Yay!

  6. STEP SIX: You’ll get a Design Board, a Space Plan and a Shopping List

  7. STEP SEVEN: We finalize the plan and you pull it together at your own pace. 

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