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Updated: Apr 4, 2020


Ah, the Pinterest-famous bunk room. It’s up there with “outdoor kitchen” or “organized garage”—they exist mostly in magazines but they are part of the lifestyle-mafia “must have” checklist which taunts normal people on a daily basis. And I want one.

The shiplap, the slate-y blue color, the little nooks and under-bed storage of the bottom bunk, the tongue-and-groove ceiling of the built-in…so much good here.

What I love about the above is the mix of wood and metal which feels fresh And the material play is great inspiration. Also, a concrete floor is just right tying in with other organic materials, might need your slippers tho!

Ooh, but the blue and brass…Loves it, But where are the safety railings?

Have you not seen this season of the “Bachelorette” where that one dude falls off the top bed and smashes his face with dramatic there-is-blood-everywhere commentary? (ICU for Dayss) Safety first, something to think about! 😉

I love the darker color of the above shot. It feels cozy, functional and safe but special. The idea of stairs (versus a ladder) is nice, and these look to have storage so…that’s a plus.

The pipes and wood certainly feel cabin-y, but with the neutral color scheme id say its safe to say this room is cabin-cozy!

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